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Jumboseal 6000® Damp Proof Membrane

JumboSeal 6000® Damp-proof Membrane comprises of 100 % closed cell low density polyethylene foam laminated with high-density polyethylene film. JumboSeal 6000® Damp-proof Membrane Liner is designed to provide an easy to use moisture resistant membrane for use in concrete flooring.

The Liner is applied above or below a ground floor slab to stop ground moisture reaching the upper surface of the floor. This product is used under a floating floor as well as under a screed.

This combination is also resistant to mould, mildew, fungus and chemicals normally found in soil. JumboSeal 6000® Damp-proof Membrane not only has high compressive strength and a long-life expectancy, it is extremely flexible and has an elongation break of over 40% therefore they are able to deal with structural movement thus providing a long-lasting damp proofing solution.

The membrane should be spread with some care to ensure that thin membranes are not punctured by sharp, upstanding particles in the blinding and that the edge up-stands are kept in place as the concrete is laid.

Key Benefits

  • Moisture barrier
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Chemically stable


  • It is designed as a low cost, easy to install solution to water storage, dams, porous soil or possible water table contamination.
  • For basements- it is applied in between the protected wall and a false wall of which the backfill is in contact.
  • For retaining structures- it is placed between the wall and the backfill.
  • It is however advised that soft sand is in contact with Jumbolene liner to avoid puncturing.
  • Waterways- The liner is placed at the bottom of the waterway while the cementitious layer covers and protects the liner.

Download Jumboseal 6000® Technical data sheet