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Packaging Nets

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Your Go-To Packaging Solution for Floriculture, Horticulture And Moving services

Jumbolene® Packaging is a versatile and innovative products perfect for businesses in floriculture, horticulture, moving services, supermarkets, gift shops, kitchenware stores, and more.

Our packaging provides superior cushioning, ensuring your delicate items are well-protected during shipping and storage, all while offering a visually appealing alternative to traditional packaging.

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Jumbolene® Nets (Packaging Nets)

Our Jumbolene® Nets are specially designed to shield sensitive rose buds and fruits from damage during harvesting and transit, preserving their quality and appearance.

Our Jumbolene® Nets are crafted from breathable materials, allowing for adequate airflow while protecting the delicate petals and fruits. The lightweight design ensures that the packaging adds minimal weight to the overall shipment, helping to reduce shipping costs without compromising on protection.

Sound Proofing Wall Gypsum Partitions
Suspended Floor

Jumbolene® Packaging Foam

Jumbolene® polyethylene foam it is perfectly tailored for use to mitigate impact or vibration by acting as a shock-absorbent.

Its superior cushioning properties make it an ideal choice for packaging sensitive items that undergo rough handling and need to withstand extended shipping distances.

Sound Proofing Wall Gypsum Partitions
Suspended Floor