Container / Wall Insulation

Jumbolene® Container/Wall  Insulation is a semi-rigid insulation foam consisting of fire retardant low density, closed cell polyethylene foam. The product offers effective thermal insulation against heat gain or heat loss.

Installation of Jumbolene Container Insulation

Jumbolene® foam has an ideal strength to weight ratio, unmatched versatility and ensures high performance and exceptional energy. It is ideal for all internal and external wall systems including prefabricated steel structures, metal, brick, stone and timber wall applications, internal cavity walls, cold stores and cool rooms.

Key features

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent Noise reduction

Superior moisture resistance

Fire retardant

Cost saving – a well-insulated home saves on energy bills by up to 60%

Increased comfort levels

Chemically inert

Completely free of all synthetic mineral fibres (SMF’s) and therefore no special clothing is required

Resistant to rot, mould, mildew, bacterial growth

Resistant to termites, rodents and vermin


Prefabricated Containers used for offices, houses, shops, clinics, stores, etc.

Prefabricated Steel Structures

Cool/Cold rooms


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