Structural Products

Building a house, residential or commercial, is a huge investment that takes huge capital and a considerable amount of  time in planning and execution. To have such a lifetime investment compromised with the use of poor or substandard products such as recycled polythene (DPM) and expansion joint fillers is the worst scenario unimaginable. Unfortunately this is the most frequent scenario in our build and construction industry.  

We offer the most effective damp proofing product as well as flexible and long-lasting expansion joint fillers that will not compromise the strength of a building.

Gaps in Concrete Slabs and Walls

Expansion Joint Gaps/Cavities on concrete slabs and bases should be filled with a product that is can readily expand and contract. The same case applies to concrete walls adjacent to each other.

Jumbolene Expansion Joint Fillers meets these requirements dead on. 

Expansion Joint Filler

Damp Proof Membrane

Damp Proofing

Damp concrete floors, concrete walls with peeled off paints or whitish molds are common features in many buildings in our country. This is as a result of either poor damp proofing by use of substandard products or lack of damp proofing in entirety. 

We offer Jumboseal 6000, an  effective damp proofing membrane, DPM. 


Cavities in Concrete walls and Frames

Using chemical sealants in sealing cavities in concrete walls or Frames can be very costly.

Jumbolene Sealant Cords reduce the cost of filling such cavities by reducing the amount of chemicals sealants used.

Sealant Cords

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