Sound proofing solutions

Most of our lives are spent indoors. It is thus crucial that the buildings we work and live in are made in a way that reduces noise inside a room, between rooms and prevents noise from the outside penetrating the building.  

At Jumbo Chem K Ltd,  we provide a wide range of soundproofing solutions which offer noise blocking, noise absorption and reduce transmission of noise through separating walls, floors and ceilings.

We manufacture best quality low density Polyethylene insulation for walls and ceilings. Our insulation foam helps soundproof partitions, generator rooms, flat roof and recording studios. We manufacture our soundproof foams either with or without aluminum foil in thicknesses of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Sound Proofing Gypsum Partitions

Jumbolene® Soundproofing Foam provides excellent cavity filler for gypsum partitions. The sound blocking qualities of Jumbolene® Foam makes it ideal for the partition ensuring privacy and better sound control, whilst giving an added benefit of heat insulation.

 For interior walls the Jumbolene® Soundproofing Foam  is sandwiched between gypsum, OSB boards, blockboards or plywood, held in place by use of channels.  This ensures efficient space utilisation whilst meeting high soundproofing requirements. Jumbolene® Acoustic Board will hold its shape in the wall cavity and not sag.

Soundproofing Floors and Ceilings

Acoustic Ceiling with Concrete

Noise flows between two rooms through the walls and through the floor into the ceiling below by making them vibrate or through any holes that may exist. Noise should preferably be treated at its source, this allows for control and reduction of vibration before it enters the building’s frame.

Jumbolene®  Soundproofing Foam is effective in blocking noise flow through ceilings or floors into other rooms by absorbing and blocking sound waves. Jumbolene®  Acoustic Board is used in soundproofing Timber Suspended Floors, Concrete Floors/Ceilings and Wooden Floors/Ceilings.

Suspended Floor

Jumbolene®  Acoustic Board is used in soundproofing Timber Suspended Floors.

In this application, Jumbolene®  Acoustic Board is laid on timbers joists/frame and blockboards laid onto the Foam. 

Suspended Ceiling

In soundproofing suspended ceilings, Jumbolene®  Acoustic Board is placed in between channels or timber frames and gypsum ceiling is laid below it. 

Room Acoustics

The size, shape, and finish materials that define a room will control the sound quality or “room acoustics”. Examples of poor sound quality are common in a large variety of spaces, and point to the need for addressing room acoustics during design. Have you experienced a restaurant where dinner conversation is nearly impossible because of reverberant noise? Have you heard a public address announcement in a auditorium or at the airport where the words were unclear? Have you been in a worship service where you  would not easily hear speech?

Proper application of the right acoustical materials solves many of these problems.


Floor underlay

The trend towards high comfort Wooden or Bamboo Flooring in new buildings and renovations is increasing. Technical and acoustic reasons dictate the use of an interlayer between the timber and the structural floor construction in order to achieve the necessary comfort levels.

Humidity in the existing structural floor is sometimes another problem leading to unexpected long-term damage of the wooden or bamboo laminates.

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