Sound proofing foam

Sound Proofing Foam is an is an insulation material that will help eliminate echoes and diminish sound frequencies. Sounds vibrate most off flat walls with no texture and off solid floors and ceilings. If a floor or room has ceramic, it will echo louder and the sound will carry heavier and further. 

Sound Proofing Foam is used to maximize on “flattening” the sound in your room so when you record or play back music, the sounds do not echo throughout the room. 

Sound frequencies are of high and low nature. Low frequencies are most deadly in squared corners so corner solutions aka bass traps are what you’ll need to stop those low frequencies from vibrating all over the place.

Why sound proofing foam

Once the sound waves penetrate the foam, they will get caught into those small cells. Afterwards, the sound waves will spin and bounce until they can make their way out. And, during all the spinning and bouncing, they will most likely lose a significant amount of energy, which leads to them dying more quickly than usual.

Sound proofing foams are usually cut in small panels with wedge or pyramid patterns. However, there are larger sheets and other patterns, too. Furthermore, having in mind that the materials used for acoustic panels have a chemical composition, you might notice a chemical odor. But, keep in mind that this odor is not harmful and will dissipate almost immediately. Hence, you can relax and focus on the benefits and the usefulness of this product.

Common Sizes of the Foam are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm

Partitions, Ceilings and Floors

Jumbolene® Soundproofing Foam is effective in blocking sound from transferring through gypsum partitions, ceilings or floors into other rooms by absorbing and dampening the structural noise. Jumbolene® Soundproofing Foam is used in soundproofing suspended timber floors, concrete floors/ceilings.

Key Benefits

Excellent soundproofing properties

Fire retardant

Excellent thermal insulation properties

Moisture resistant

Resistant to rot, mold, mildew and microorganisms Durable

Lightweight, flexible and easy to install

Friendly to human beings and the environment


2000 x 1000mm.

Different dimensions can be manufactured on request.


Jumbolene® Soundproofing Foam is used in Partitions, Walls, Ceilings and Floors in;

Conference Rooms/Halls

TV/Radio studios


Recording studios

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