Flat Roof Insulation

Jumbolene® Flat Roof Insulation is a semi-rigid board, made of low density, closed cell polyethylene foam. It is ideal as an under or over roof membrane insulation. It does not break and can take the weight of ballast or pavers if the roof area is also subject to pedestrian traffic. The product can be easily cut and shaped to suit a variety of geometries. Jumbolene® Flat Roof Insulation is available in a range of thicknesses to meet required R-values.

Key Benefits

Excellent thermal insulation

Mould resistant- Does not allow growth of fungi

Provides good acoustic insulation

Where access is required for services, the product is easily cut with a sharp knife and does not tear, rip or splinter

Will not crack or snap when being handled or transported

Moisture resistant


Jumbolene® insulation batts shall be held in position on the concrete slab.

All insulation shall be installed with the edges and ends tightly butted together.

Where necessary, the insulation may be easily cut using a sharp knife.

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