Expansion Joint Filler

Jumbolene® Expansion-Joint Filler is a lightweight, resilient; superior-grade polyethylene closed-cell backing for use in expansion joints in traffic bearing substrates. It resists compression yet flexes readily to absorb the expansive and forces of concrete thus extending the life of the building. It has extremely low moisture absorption and readily accepts joint movement.

Jumbolene® Expansion Joint Gap filler and bond breaker for floor and wall expansion joints, filling systems for roads walls, bridges, basement structures, water channels and culverts.

It is used as a backup filler for most cold applied liquid sealants and an isolation joint filler between adjacent constructions e.g. roadways and buildings, bridges, around manholes, drains and other insets in concrete pavements, Concrete works such as floor slabs, parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and swimming pools.


Jumbolene expansion joint filler is a weatherproofing product intended for use as an aesthetic or functional expansion joint sealer agents in gaps in concrete slabs, walkways, decks, bridges, and sidewalks, for instance. Expansion joint filler materials are chosen for their ability to absorb impact and expand or contract along with the rest of the structure without cracking or separating.

Expansion Joints in Building/Construction

Expansion joints are generally joints or spaces left between slabs or construction elements of the same material to facilitate expansion and contraction due to changes in ambient temperatures. Although they serve their intended purpose well, they present several aesthetic and practical dilemmas. All of these issues may be addressed by inserting a joint sealant into the joint gap.

Jumbolene expansion joint gap filler is a lightweight, rigid, closed cell insulation which is available in several compressive strengths to withstand load and back-fill forces. This closed-cell structure provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence.

Styrofoam as people call it, is used in construction as a form of insulation. Sheets of Styrofoam are used to insulate the floors, walls, pipes and roofs on the interiors of all sort of buildings. Styrofoam insulates buildings from extreme temperatures and moisture, protecting you from the outside elements, and also provides a barrier for sound.

How Jumbolene expansion joint filler (Styrofoam) sheets Insulates

The sheets are made mostly of air, meaning it is a poor conductor of heat, but an excellent convector. It traps the air in small pockets, blocking the flow of heat energy. This reduces both conduction and convection and makes it a good insulator. On the other hand, conductors such as metal are poor insulators because energy flows through them. Glass and air are other examples of good insulators. Jumbolene expansion joint filler is placed in wall cavities to keep the inside of buildings warm. It traps air and reduces the transfer of heat energy, keeping heat inside the building.

Why use Jumbolene Expansion Joint filler Sheet?

  1. It has excellent compressive strength characteristics
  2. It insulates against heat losses
  3. It has self-supporting properties
  4. Resistance to attack by fungi ,bacteria and pests
  5. High resistance to moisture absorption and water vapor transmission
  6. It is light weight allowing for economy of structural design
  7. It offers resistance to impact sound
  8. Ease to cutting and handling
  9. Non-irritant and non-allergic

Application of Jumbolene Expansion Joint filler Sheet.

  1. Insulation for ceilings, roofs walls and floors.
  2. Insulation of prefabricating panels and building elements
  3. Voids as reusable or in-situ formwork for concrete structures
  4. Jumbolene serves as a lightweight aggregate for concrete and insulating renderings and also in the production of lightweight clay bricks
  5. It can also be used in the area of refrigeration exclusively for cold stores and extensively for deep freeze rooms.
  6. It is also used in pipe insulation and ducting.
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