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Sustainable Insulation Solutions

Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd believes in a sustainable environment.

Due to the rapid decrease in energy resources resulting from increasing demand, current reserves for fossil fuel will not meet the demand in the long run. This imposes responsibility on us to use energy efficiently. One of the ways to achieve this is afficiently is through the use of – INSULATION on our roofs and for insulating hot water pipes. Thus, there is a need to prioritize the use of insulation as an important product for conserving energy thereby reducing energy use in buildings.

The ability to support global economic development with the diminishing natural resources and saturated pollution sources to the environment, where accumulating greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuel energy use are causing climatic change and sea level rise, is the greatest challenge to humanity. To help resolve this, Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd offers sustainable insulation solutions.

Our company is committed to enriching lives, creating value and providing comfort through the provision of quality insulation solutions. We offer a great solution in improving energy efficiency and hence reducing the demand for fossil fuel based energy used in heating and cooling buildings. We offer innovative solutions with a product range that aims at achieving sustainable building practices.

Our experience and expertise in manufacturing Insulation products enables us to offer products, that provide effective protection against heat, cold and noise pollution whilst reducing energy costs, minimising the impact of the building to the environment and providing comfort. The products are distributed under the brand name Jumbolene. Jumbolene® Insulation provides effective Thermal and Soundproofing solution whilst being both cost-effective and eco-friendly, besides reducing greenhouse gases hence a sustainable solution to climate change.