Addressing Post-Harvest Losses and Building Sustainable Food Systems: Jumbolene Packaging Solutions

While global concerns about fulfilling the food demand continue to rise, the alarming reality is that more than one-third of food is lost or wasted in post-harvest operations. This not only undermines food security but also puts immense pressure on natural resources and hampers farmers’ livelihoods. At Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd, we recognize the significance of reducing post-harvest losses, and that’s why we offer innovative Packaging and Insulation Solutions to combat this pressing issue.

Temperature Control and Moisture Protection:

Maintaining proper temperature and moisture control is crucial for preserving the quality and freshness of agricultural produce. With our cutting-edge insulation solutions, we provide adequate protection against water and moisture, creating an optimal storage environment for flowers and food. Our Jumbolene Packaging Foam and Nets, designed for the Floriculture and Horticulture sectors, offer excellent cushioning, and ensure the integrity of the products during handling and transportation.

Safeguarding Fresh Produce:

Traditional packaging options often fall short in preventing bruising damage during handling and transportation, leading to substantial losses. Jumbolene Packaging Foam, a lightweight and low-density polyethylene foam, provides superior protection for a wide range of products. By minimizing product-to-product contact and reducing friction, our packaging foam safeguards perishable flowers, fruits, and vegetables, extending their shelf life and minimizing losses.

The Cold Chain Solution:

Heat remains a primary cause of spoilage for fresh produce, and the lack of cold chain equipment and infrastructure contributes to high levels of losses, particularly in developing countries. Recognizing the importance of enabling cold storage, we emphasize the significance of investing in affordable and appropriate cooling equipment. By supporting farmers and traders in acquiring the necessary resources, we can significantly reduce losses and enhance the overall quality and market value of fresh produce.

Building Sustainable Food Systems:

Addressing post-harvest losses is a critical step in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly food systems. According to a report by The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), reducing food losses along the supply chain is not only essential for food security but also promotes resource efficiency and supports the well-being of farmers. By implementing improved on farm storage technologies and investing in cold chain infrastructure, we can achieve nearly zero grain losses and increase the availability of food for consumption and sale.

At Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd, we are committed to combating post-harvest losses and building sustainable food systems. Our Packaging and Insulation Solutions play a vital role in reducing losses, preserving quality, and improving the livelihoods of farmers. By addressing temperature control, moisture protection, and the cold chain solution, we contribute to a more efficient and resilient food supply chain.

To discover how Jumbolene packaging products can revolutionize post-harvest practices, we invite you to visit our website. Explore our comprehensive range of packaging solutions designed to minimize losses and ensure the freshness of produce.

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