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Soundproofing Solutions

We are the leading firm in providing soundproofing solutions, room acoustics, noise and vibration control. We provide cost-effective acoustic solutions and products that are both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing. We are committed to enhancing our customer’s experience and making all our relationships enjoyable and professional.

For us in Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd, we strive to evolve and develop new methods to make our world a quieter place with higher standards of acoustics comfort. Our solutions entail interrogating the applicability of sound wave manipulation in terms of absorption, reflection and diffusion to enhance room acoustics.

We work with our partners, an internationally recognised firm, Alpha Acoustiki, based in Greece, which is one of the leading firms in architectural acoustics, noise and vibrational consultancy. It utilises the most advanced equipment combined with many years of experience in the field since 1980, to provide a vast range of acoustic solutions.