Jumbolene Floor Underlay

The trend towards high comfort parquet and wooden strip floor constructions in new buildings and renovations is increasing and technical as well as acoustic reasons dictate the use of an interlayer between the timber and the structural floor construction in order to achieve higher comfort levels.

Humidity in the existing structural floor is sometimes another problem leading to unexpected long-term damage of the wooden floor.

Jumbolene® Floor Underlay is an ideal separation layer between the structural floor and new timber floor. It is thin, elastic, light in weight and acts as a water vapour barrier.


  • Advanced Sound Absorption - Reduces noise levels within and below a room and eliminates hollow sounds and noisy floors.
  • Superior Moisture Protection - Full moisture barrier with extra thick padding protects floors from moisture and vapour damage. It may be installed over all types of sub-flooring and concrete.
  • Mould Mildew Resistance - Closed cell technology and vapour barrier prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Lasting Support - Protects the structural stability of your floor and prevents it from sagging and buckling.
  • Fast Easy Installation.