Jumbolene® Expansion Joint Filler

Jumbolene® Expansion Joint Filler is a flexible, lightweight, closed cell polyethylene foam expansion joint filler.

Jumbolene® Expansion Joint Fillers extend the service life of concrete by acting as an insulator to contraction and expansion joints.

Jumbolene® Expansion Joint Fillers are ideal as;

  • Gap filler and bond breaker for floor and wall expansion joints, filling systems for roads walls, bridges, basement structures, water channels and culverts.
  • As a backup filler for most liquid sealants.
  • Isolation joint filers between adjacent constructions e.g. roadways and buildings, around manholes, drains and other insets in concrete pavements.
  • Concrete works such as floor slabs, parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and swimming pools.


  • Readily compressible hence seals gaps quickly and effectively.
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Non-bleeding and resistant to fungi.
  • Resistant to chemicals and compatible with sealants.
  • Pliable and resilient hence easy to fit.
  • Available in continuous lengths.
  • Flexible and can be moulded to many applications.
  • Has excellent durability.
  • Lightweight can be easily handled on site.
  • Can be used on interior or exterior applications.