JumboSeal® 6000 - DPM

JumboSeal® 6000 comprises 100% closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to high-density polyethylene film. JumboSeal6000 is designed to provide an easy to use moisture resistant membrane for use in concrete flooring.

JumboSeal6000 may be applied above or below a ground floor slab to stop ground moisture reaching the upper surface of the floor. This product can be used under a floating floor as well as under a screed.


JumboSeal6000 is used under the oversite concrete. The membrane is spread on a layer of comparatively dry concrete, clinker or ash which is spread and levelled over the hardcore.The edges of the membrane are turned up the face of external and internal walls ready for concrete laying so that it may unite and overlap the DPC in walls.


  • Excellent water and moisture barrier.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Excellent comprehensive strength.
  • Good puncture and tear resistance.
  • Anti fungal and mildew resistant.
  • Significantly prolongs the life of the internal finish while still allowing for natural evaporation of dampness from the structure.