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Thermal insulation

The ability to control indoor climate through insulation is a great solution in energy saving in terms of the power used in space heating or cooling thus decreasing energy demand. With the continuous increase in energy cost, making buildings more energy efficient through green buildings is a great investment to reduction of energy bills over time whilst minimizing the impact of the building to the natural environment.


Roof and Wall
Insulation Product

01-Super Heavy Duty Roof Insulation
02-Heavy Duty Roof Insulation
03-Double Aluminum Roof Insulation
04-Regular Roof Insulation
05-Flat Roof Insulation
06-Fire Resistant Roof Insulation
07-Wall Insulation

Key Benefits

  • Offers effective thermal insulation
  • Provides effective barrier against moisture, vapor, wind, heat and dust penetration
  • Low emissivity
  • Energy saving
  • Does not collapse over time
  • Fire retardant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long life span between 40 to 50 years.
Jumbolene® Roof Insulation has a low thermal conductivity of 0.0293 W/m.K,
effectively reducing the amount of heat transmission into the building. Jumbolene® Roof Insulation helps to block 97.1% of radiant heat and stop major transfer of the heat from outside and also renders better thermal protection in cold weather.

When Specifying


Jumbolene® Regular Roof Insulation

2mm Double Reflective film laminate

RF 122


Jumbolene® Heavy Duty Roof Insulation

5mm Double Reflective film laminate

RF 155


Jumbolene® Super Heavy Duty Roof Insulation

10mm Double Reflective film laminate

RF 210


Roof Insulation Installation

For optimal insulation, ensure a minimum air gap of 25mm between the Jumbolene® Roof Insulation and the iron sheets.