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Welcome to Jumbo Chem

Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd is an indigenous Kenyan manufacturing company. We specialize in the production of high quality insulation products for the construction industry, as well as packaging material, essential for protection of goods in transit and storage.

At Jumbo Chem we make it our business to develop and produce exceptional products to meet the exact requirements of each and every client. We are dedicated to quality and complete customer satisfaction.



JUMBOLENE Insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and effectively decreases the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. It offers superior acoustic insulation and moisture resistance.



JUMBOLENE building products are resilient, durable and moisture resistant. They include Expansion joint filler, sealant backing cord, floor underlay and damp proof membrane.



JUMBOLENE is very resilient foam that is used extensively in packaging. It is used for shock absorbing, vibration dampening and general cushioning of products in packaging applications.